Evo 9 SS Turbine Housing

Evo 9 SS Turbine Housing

Product Details

The FP Stainless Steel Turbine housing for EVO 9 turbo features a built in TiAL MV-S waste gate flange and 3" I.D. discharge which will help unlock any hidden potential in your turbo setup. There are currently two available sizes, the 67MM option is meant to be used with the FP Green, Red, or Black. The XR64 option is designed to fit our FP Zero and FP Zephyr turbochargers.

You must already be using an FP turbocharger utilizing a 67MM  or XR64 turbine wheel to be able to use this housing; it will not work with 65MM or TD05H stock wheels. The exhaust discharge uses a 3.55" v-band and 3.0" flange, same as a Tial GT28/30/35 v-band housings.

This does not come with a turbine housing to bearing housing clamp, if you need one for your install, choose the turbine housing clamp drop down above.