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Turbo Failure Back

Forced Peformance offers a Complimentary Repair Program that covers any sort of manufacturer error but does not cover end user error. Below you will find examples of what type of damage is not covered by our policy.
Lack of Lubrication

Any lack of lubrication will result in heat marks on the turbine shaft (see picture).  A lack of oil will turn the shaft blue and make score marks in it.  If there is a blue shaft we will not cover it.
Hot Shut Down

Damage from hot shut down will appear as a lack of lubrication.  If you are under full boost, the turbo will be spinning close to 100,000 rpm.  If the motor is shut down or stalls under full throttle and high boost, the turbo is still spinning at extremely high speed with no oil pressure.  Also shutting down a glowing hot turbo with out allowing time for it to cool down will cause coking (excess carbon deposits) that will block oil supply.  To prevent hot shut down damage, use a turbo timer to cool your turbo down every time you turn your car off.
Fin Damage

Damage to the compressor wheel is cause either by foriegn objects being injested into the turbo, or severe compressor surge.  Turbine wheel damage results from objects being expelled from the motor through the head (pieces of your valves, pistons, etc).
Shipping Damage

When your turbo arrives, inspect it thoroughly.  If there is any damage to the compressor wheel, wastegate actuator, housing, etc, you must report it immediately, so that we can file a claim with the carrier.  Shipping claims that are received more than a few days after delivery will not be accepted.

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