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Zero And Zephyr Feature List Back

Zero and Zephyr Feature List

These two new turbochargers represent the most recent evolution of our direct fit style turbos for the Lancer EVO4-9. These 2 units answer the call for improved performance at higher boost pressure and flow rates.

They debut our release of the new Xona Series CHRA which are a billet SS construction featuring expanded water jacketing which fully surround the entire hot side register for improved heat blocking in the turbine section. Better materials extend the service life through improved corrosion resistance and reduced heat conduction into the bearing section of the CHRA. The rotating assembly is isolated from vibration 3 dimensionally via specially designed oil damping chambers which also serve to provide variable preload to the angular contact ceramic ball bearings ensuring that bearing preload increases with oil pressure, rpm and thrust loads a feature never before seen in ball bearing turbochargers. Correct loading of angular contact ball bearings and bearing temperature are the determining factors when it comes to the lifespan of the ball bearing. The features do not end there.

The aeros selected for these two new units are also very impressive. The 79HTZ and the 86HTZ both represent the newest evolution of our billet compressor wheels that have defined aftermarket turbocharging since our release of billet compressor wheels in 2007. Flowing 65lb/min and 75lb/min respectively and allowing PR as high as 5:1, these new aeros deliver perfectly matched flow for your 650HP and 750HP high pressure ratio 4G63 applications. Couple this with the enlarged high pressure ratio turbine wheel which is 68/62mm vs the 67/59mm found in our Green, Red and Black models and you have made to order domination over stock appearing performance classes in both 650HP and 750HP sizes.

The turbine housings used for these models are equally impressive. Constructed in special high strength Stainless steel (more than twice as strong as 304SS at operating temperatures) they can survive thousands of hours at steady state 1700F+ temperatures. The use an integrated external TiAl MVS wastegate for boost control eliminating one of the inherent shortcomings of the earlier generation turbos which was the flapper valve and actuator assembly. The housing is a 10.5cm2 nozzle without a divider wall to reduce the pumping loss thru the turbine section of the turbo. This comes at a slight loss of part throttle boost response below 4500rpm, but is all part of hitting these higher power numbers and creating an efficient high boost turbocharger for the 4G63.

The compressor housings feature large volume open Flow Advancement Ports like previous generations. This opens style port, the FAP, style is a large benefit to dealing with low flow/high pressure ratio compressor instability as well and increasing high flow/ high pressure ratio choke flow by feeding the splitter blades directly something that bullet holes cannot achieve.

These turbos represent our best work to date.

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