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EVO X Ball Bearing Red

EVO X Ball Bearing Red
Customer Rating:  5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 (2 reviews)
Quantity in Basket: None
Shipping Weight: 30.00 pounds
Price: $9,999.00
Wastegate Actuator:

This turbocharger is not currently available - 07/20/15

FP Rebuild and Upgrade Form

All FP EVO IX and EVO X turbos use only genuine MHI turbine housings.

Upgrades do not include the oil line and it must be purchased separately. Click here to buy oil line.

UPDATED 11/09/11

There will be 40 BB EVO X turbochargers built. Beyond that availbility is very uncertain due to limited supply of Brand New EVO X turbochargers to rework into our product. We plan on doing 30 pieces as FP BLACK™, 5 pieces as FP RED™ and 5 pieces as FP GREEN™. Beyond this batch, there are no plans to continue to offer these pieces as NEW turbochargers.

Forced Performance is proud to announce the debut of our 100% brand new, patent pending, dual ceramic ball bearing design within the FP RED™ Turbocharger for the Lancer Evolution X vehicles. This new design virtually eliminates any limit to allowable thrust load within the turbocharger while simultaneously reducing drag and rotational resistance to spool up. The increased thrust limit significantly extends the longevity of the turbocharger when operated beyond its published flow and boost limits and eliminates the turbochargers sensitivity to lubrication interruptions due to hard acceleration and cornering forces. Recent performance testing at the MHI Research and Development Laboratories in Nagasaki, Japan verified that the design dramatically exceeds the normal allowable thrust loads for TD05/6 type turbochargers and allows for a significant increase in the available airflow from the turbocharger without bearing damage.

Internally very little is shared with any previously offered turbocharger anywhere in the world beyond the description of "ball bearing". This patent pending design is 100% blank page and will have an important impact on turbocharger bearing systems for years to come. The races and ceramic balls of the turbocharger are the highest grade components available anywhere, period.

From this point forward the standard journal bearing system will not be available for the FP RED™ Turbocharger for the Lancer Evolution X.

As the leader in Mitsubishi Evolution bolt on performance, we are proud to released the FP RED™ for the Mitsubishi Evolution X. This turbo has already rocketed the Big Valley Performance Evo X to an astonishing 10.79 @ 124 mph all while keeping it stock appearing.

BVP Evo X Run's 10.79 @ 124mph

This turbo can sustain well over 35psi of boost pressure and still keep turbine back pressure in check due to our proprietary advanced turbine aero and massive turbine blades. Due to the advanced design of the blades the spool up is retained near that of the stock turbocharger. These are the same size internals as used in the popular FP RED™ for the Mitsubishi Evolution 9 which has already propelled cars to mid 9 second quarter mile passes.

Dyno graphs for the FP RED™ for the Mitsubishi Evolution X.

This turbo also performs well on the road course, with Ryan Gates behind the wheel it has already brought home a second place finish in the 2008 Super Lap Battle Time Attack for the Street AWD class. This is just a fraction of a second behind another Forced Performance Sponsored FP RED™ Evo 9 car.

Ryan Gates FP RED™ for the Mitsubishi Evolution X Review

Porting is available for this turbocharger. Please take a look at our Porting Services page for examples:

Forced Performance Porting Services

Attention: All Forced Performance turbochargers are built to order to your exact specifications and should not be considered on the shelf ready to ship unless specifically noted on the work order. Build times vary by model of turbo and options of said turbocharger we cannot guarantee a delivery date or ETA.

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Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 (2 reviews)
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5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5  Pure power - 11/29/2009
By: Justin Garrett (Meridian, ID)
Had this on my car for a bit and I must say that this turbo tuned @ 30 psi will chew through the pavement! A little magic with the MIVEC to get the spool fired up down low will increase the pleasure factor on this turbo 10 fold. I had to switch from this turbo to the Green model because I wanted my down low torque back and the top end power was just a little more than what my lead foot needs. If your looking to throw down some serious 1/4 mile times and dyno #'s grab this beast and throw on some 100% meth injection with a couple of bump sticks and youl'll be hard to beat.
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5  FP Red = Awesome! - 7/8/2009
By: Ryan Gates (Medina, MN)
First of all, it rocks Secondly, it is the perfect turbo for a track car. Last fall is when I had AMS install it on the car...I was at Buttonwillow with the car and a whole new setup. I went out there a few days earlier to get plenty of time to re-learn the car. It was seriously mindblowingly fast! I was so scared for the first session I didn't know what to do haha. The turbo spools so fast! After I calmed down and took the second session with some more caution and drove smooth it felt great. So much power...everywhere! I was expecting to really notice SOME lag with the Red vs. the Stock Turbo, but there is no perceptible difference out there. Even at 35psi, it spools like a stock turbo...but it hits and pulls so hard and also holds boost so much better! Coming out of corners, shifting, wherever, it was awesome! After the first day, I was so pumped with my decision to go with the FP Red. It really is perfect. +/- Positive - Amazing power, imperceptible lag on track, stock looks, awesome reliability etc etc Negative - None. It's that good. Overall - I really couldn't be happier with the power of the car for the Street tires I run. The FP Red and a 100% stock longblock stood up to 5 straight days of all out track abuse and took it like a champ (almost...2nd blows). For the few AMS bolt-on's the car has and the addition of the FP Red, the car is a BEAST. Seriously, 450whp at 32psi along with 4 AMS bolt-on's is crazy. Thank you Mitsu for the awesome 4B11T! I know alot of people were and still are very skeptical of the new engine, but in reality it's held up amazing this year, even with the 100+ added whp of the FP Red. Thank you Robert and everyone at Forced Performance for the amazing turbo. Evo X owners should jump all over this turbo. Seriously. And here's a quote from a friend after I gave him a ride back home Quote: "I got a ride in BlackTrack/Ryan Gates' car with this turbo, and it was *very* impressive. I drive a FULLY bolted on evo8 w/ IX turbo, E85, alky, cams, ported everything, and this thing would smoke my car. The spool-up, boost threshold, and transient boost is so close to stock it is really really really really really impressive that this thing makes 450+ dynojet whp w/o breaking a sweat." Ryan Gates

All sales are final. Returns subject to 20% restocking fee. For complete details, see FP Policy Information.

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