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NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill Back

FP Turbos Refuse to Stop; Finish 3rd in World's Longest Endurance Race

WILLOWS, Ca (January 25, 2006) - Forced Performance, partner and supplier of their successful FP GT35R turbo to the Advantage Racing Technologies/Easy Street Motorsports 2005 Subaru WRX STi road racing team, found a new area of motorsports to stake its claim as the premier turbo manufacturer on the market today.

Competing in the NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill endurance road race early December 2005, the FP-propelled Subaru finished 3rd overall in the grueling event. Completing nearly 660 laps on the 3-mile road course of the 25 hour event, the FP GT35R ran non-stop for each of the 25 hours, supplying 2000 consecutive miles of consistent boost.

Lead ART/ESX Subaru driver Gary Sheehan commented after taking the checkered flag “Power delivery with this turbo configuration was impressive. There was almost no lag and power came on smooth and manageable throughout the rev range. Most impressive was the power felt the same to me throughout the entire 25 hour race. Racing turbos aren't meant to be this powerful or reliable for 25 hours!”

With a variety of boost maps available to the drivers, the GT35R spent long stretches pushing the STi with anywhere from 14-28 PSI of boost as each driver required. Sheehan got everything the FP turbo had in qualifying "Qualifying was at night and in near-freezing conditions, so the FP turbo was feeding the engine tons of cold, compressed air. When I went out to qualify, we had an issue with the aftermarket boost controller, so rather than it defaulting and telling the Subaru ECU to restrict the boost, it gave me almost 30 PSI!"

Surprised by the unexpected kick in the back of his driver's seat, Sheehan began laughing to himself on the start of his first flying lap "I came on to the front straight to start my fist hot lap, gave the car full throttle, and heard the engine try to rip itself out of the car. It was ridiculous how strong the motor was. I looked at the boost gauge and saw it was pegged. The FP guys told me later that most of their drag racing clients get 30 to 45 PSI of boost from their turbos, but only for the handful of seconds it takes to go a quarter-mile. I had 30 PSI for 45 minutes…" he said with a big smile.

With the immense power and reliability of the FP turbo, FP and ART/ESX established the Forced Performance line of power products as a perfect choice for any application; the GT35R helped this racing Subaru WRX STi to find 600 horsepower on a road course for 25 hours straight.

Look for more interesting road racing projects between Forced Performance, ART, and ESX in the future!

Forced Performance Turbochargers, 601 Martin Duke Rd. Van Alstyne, TX 75495 - Tel: (972) 984-1800
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