MHI TF06-18K for Evo IX

MHI TF06-18K for Evo IX

Product Details

The MHI TF06-18K for Evo IX is a stock location, bolt on upgrade turbo, built by the people who built your car. This is very similar to the ever popular Evo X 18K, other than the fact that it is reverse rotation to fit on the Evo 8/9 platform.

The TF06 turbine wheel lives in a 10.5 cm turbine housing and is attached to a billet 18K compressor wheel. The compressor cover has a stock size inlet so you can use your stock size intake. The Evo IX 18K flows 54 lbs/min, making it a great upgrade for those who want a turbo with great response and a substantial performance upgrade over stock. A 19 psi wastegate actuator is included, and as always, porting and coating are available.