Evo 9 UHF Green

Evo 9 UHF Green

Product Details

The Evo 9 UHF Green is an all new product for 2020 that we are releasing early so that you can have the best performing bolt on street turbo ever made for the Evo platform.

EVO 9 UHF Green

  • Compressor wheel - 73HTZ
  • Flow rating - 57LB per minute
  • CW Measurements - 52.6MM Inducer / 73MM Exducer
  • TW Measurements - 64MM Inducer / 57MM Exducer
  • Compressor Housing - 84MM Flow Advancement Port Cover
  • Turbine Housing - FP Stainless Steel
  • CHRA - Xona Rotor Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing
  • Oil Line - Stock Oil Feed Line Compatible

For this ground breaking new product we take a standard FP Green and replace the turbine wheel with our new XR57 UHF turbine wheel. This provides drastically reduced rotating mass and increased choke flow for even quicker response and less back pressure. In short, more power, earlier. Of course, this unit utilizes our Xona Ball Bearing CHRA for increased durability in situations where you might see low oil flow such as road racing or autocross applications.

Here is a note from Robert about the performance of this UHF Green on the race car shown in the video above-

"There are 2 dyno graphs of Kerns car.

One is the current FP Green UHF, the other is the same FP Green UHF laid on top of last years combination with a FPRed model.

Your first thought might be "holdup, that new Green spools up the same as that Red and doesnt make the same peak power"

Well, last season the engine was a built long rod 2.4 with 10.5:1 CR and that dyno graph is 22psi.  This season the engine is a stock 2.0 bottom end and the turbo comes on so fast that we are actually having to open the gate early to keep the torque below the failure level on the stock connecting rods!  So we have almost the same power and response this year with a stock engine and FPGreenUHF turbo as we did last year with a built long rod 2.4 with 10.5CR and a bigger turbocharger."