Can-Am X3 XR42 Complete Turbo

Can-Am X3 XR42 Complete Turbo

Product Details

  • 250-400HP Applications.
  • Variable preload angular contact bearings.
  • Twin gas ring seals at the compressor and turbine.
  • High strength, lightweight stainless steel center housing.
  • Full hydraulic damping of the rotating assembly .
  • Integrated oil contaminate filter.
  • M62 race material allows higher temperature operation.
  • Metallic bearing cages.

Product Information

The Xona XR42 for Can-Am Maverick X3 is a complete turbo for the Can-Am customer who wants more than our drop in FP Green upgrade. The XR42 is complete with turbofold, meaning bolt on installation and no core exchange. The Xona bearing housing is machined specifically for stock fluid lines and uses Xona wheels for great response and big power. The included TiAL MVI is a 14 PSI actuator.

This turbo has made 291 WHP on a stock ECU and E85 as shown in the dyno graph as part of Whalen Speed RD's WS300X performance package. The same turbo went on to make 317 WHP when they switched to a Motec ECU.