TiAL Q Blow-off Valve

TiAL Q Blow-off Valve

Product Details

Q is the first revision of the original TiAL BOV. The Q bolts up to any standard TiAL flange, no re-welding.

This is the highest flowing BOV on the market. It's offered with a variety of springs for different vacuum levels. The integration of the TiAL Sport Q will allow quicker boost response during gearshifts or off throttle conditions. During these instances, the turbocharger is still operating in an active compression mode. Activation of the Q will eliminate the compressor back pressure and allow for quicker boost response.

In addition, the TiAL BOV will enhance the turbocharger's overal lifespan by alleviating detrimental compressor surge thrust loads during closed throttle or high vacuum conditions.

Comes standard with an 11 psi spring, other spring pressures available. Silver color in stock. Other colors available by special order only, $20 special order fee applied. Please call for details, 972-984-1800.

Flange not included.