Xona Rotor 57•57S Ball Bearing Turbocharger

Xona Rotor 57•57S Ball Bearing Turbocharger

Product Details

  • Compressor wheel - 53mm Inducer / 73mm Exducer.
  • Turbine Outlet - 57mm
  • 57lb/Minute Flow Rating
  • 300-600HP Applications
  • Variable preload angular contact bearings
  • Twin gas ring seals at the compressor and turbine
  • High strength, lightweight stainless steel center housing
  • Full hydraulic damping of the rotating assembly
  • Integrated oil contaminate filter
  • M62 race material allows higher temperature operation
  • Metallic bearing cages

Product Information

The revolutionary UHF aero XR57S turbine delivers the greatest overall flow possible while simultaneously reducing inertia more than 30% giving the fastest repsonse we have ever observed at this power level.

This turbocharger is available in an X2C cover, and dimensions are included in the product images.

In addition to the typical T3 and Tial v-band housings that are offered with all Xona products, this turbo is available with our very own FP30 turbine housing. This allows you to have a turbo that bolts directly to your DSM style manifold for big, reliable bolt on power.